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Our Services

Our aim is to provide the most advanced and world class quality care to the heart patients, at an affordable cost to all classes of people.

Patients with complex heart problems hailing from southwestern Maharashtra and North Karnataka now don’t have to travel to far off cities in search of better facilities, advanced technology and best experts in the field. We bring all them together for your service.

We have state of the art suit rooms for affordable patients and we also have govt schemes for those who cannot afford costly treatments.

Dr. Amol Bhoje

We perform following surgeries for different heart problems with good long term results.

Bypass surgery for blockages in the heart
Minimally invasive keyhole heart surgeries
Heart and lung transplantation
Complex heart surgeries for children
Peripheral vascular surgery
Valve replacement surgeries
ECMO for weak heart and lungs
Carotid artery surgery
Aortic surgeries for aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection
Valve repairs
Lung surgeries